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The Ultimate Facebook Business Page - Day 3 of 8 - Fan Magic

want people to "like" you more? LOL.. On facebook that is.... Take a look at some simple ways to get more likes on your facebook business page.

I've got a Business Page, but how do I get more Likes?

This is the most common question that I get when talking to any business people about Facebook.

The short answer is:  Give them a reason to Like you

Sounds simple doesn't it?  We all know simple, just like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.  My favorite saying is, "It isn't brain surgery to the brain surgeon."

So if you know the secrets, you can get people to Like you.

Now I won't say this is the easiest implementation in the book, but if you aren't squeamish about a little coding, it is pretty easy.

Don't worry, I have my team working on how to make what I am about to tell you an easy app to manage for the average user.  We just have a couple of other pieces ahead of it on the schedule.  I also found a similar app called Fan Offer though I didn't try it out.

We will talk about the concepts and then go into the techie stuff.  So if you just want to understand, there will be a point when you can stop reading.

People want to hear secrets

If you ever want to get somebody to pay attention, tell them you can't tell them.  They become enraged and desperately have to know what you know.  Why?  Because we all love a secret.  Lock a door and we HAVE to know what is behind the door. 

This is the secret behind Fan Magic.  In order to find out your secret or unlock your door, the Key is to click the LIKE button.  More LIKE's and more power in Facebook.

See it in Action:  Chuck Finley Miami's Realtor

Step 1:  Find something compelling to offer

For a restaurant it could be a coupon for a free appetizer or desert.  For a realtor it is a bit tougher.  Generally it is going to be content but I know you realtors are a creative type so you will come up with some great ideas.  Remember you can change the offer frequently.

Step 2:  Get Creative on your design.

You need 2 designs.  One for people who have liked you and one for those who haven't liked you yet.  A fun way to display is much like we have done here with a big arrow pointing to your like button.  Keep in mind that every LIKE button is in a different spot based on the name of your business page.  So take the time to line it up in your graphic.

Step 3:  Make your new page your landing page

  1. Go to your business page
  2. Click Edit Page
  3. Go to Manage Permissions
  4. Change Default Landing Tab to the page with your Fan Magic on it
  5. Save Changes


If you are still reading you like techie stuff so I will get a bit more in depth here.  In order to do what we did, we created our own simple app.

  1. Go to http://developers.facebook.com and click on My Apps
  2. Click on Set Up New App.  Follow the Facebook instructions on configuring your app.  They are straightforward questions and answers so I am not going to get into detail on this area.
  3. On your referenced page, you will want to use .PHP as it works best with Facebook AND there is sample code handy to help you out.  In fact, here is the best sample code we could find:  SAMPLE CODE
  4. Once you have the page id being pulled you are also getting the Like status and then it is a simple If Then logic

If user is a fan then - show the revealed content

Else - show the please be a fan content

I know I really boiled this down to just a few steps and it may take you a few hours to do this, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Chris Mayr
D3 Interactive Marketing

D3 Interactive Marketing

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