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You Eat WHAT???

You Eat WHAT???

I know someone who does something “different,” and I’ll bet none of you have ever even heard of such a thing as this. She does it every day, several times a day, and has been doing it since she was a child (she is over 40 now). Her parents gave it to her after she was offered it at a relative’s house and liked it. (Why the relative offered it to her to begin with is a mystery, even to her)

She has some after every meal, and occasionally in between meals. Her consumption rate varies; she says she tends to consume more if she is upset or out of sorts. But even when she is “normal,” she still has it every day after every meal. She goes through a box every 5-6 days ordinarily, and has accepted her “habit” as just being a part of who she is. She says she has tried a few times over the years to quit, but she always gives in and returns to it.Spoon of Cornstarch

What I am describing to you here is cornstarch. That is what she eats every day after every meal, and sometimes in between. She eats it right out of the container with a big tablespoon (?)…She says it has no taste; in fact, that is why she says she has it after meals -- to get the taste of the food out of her mouth.

Isn’t that a curious habit? And a curious thing to eat? I had never heard of such a thing before she told me about herself. I have seen a few other weird things on TV that people eat…like toilet paper, plain paper, etc., but cornstarch is a new one for me.

I thought about trying it, but I opted out. Besides, if I were to like it and start eating it, I would have to write a whole new article about it…and goodness knows there are enough weird things about me without adding cornstarch to the mix!

(Shut up, Charlie)

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