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Licensing Back in the Day...

How many of us remember having to take more than one exam to get our “permanent” license? Of course I can only speak from experience as iS.C.State Flagt pertains to licensure in the state of South Carolina, but I bet your state has its share of changes over the past twenty-five years. And if so, I’d like to hear about them!

When I first became a real estate agent, this was the drill:

1)    Take a 30 hour certified course and pass the exam for that course

2)    Pass the state exam with 70% or better score

Successful completion of the course exam and the state exam earned you a

PROVISIONAL LICENSE. This is similar to the way it is today, with the following difference. Today, you have to have a 60 hour certified course, then you have up to one year to take an additional 30 hours –which you may take immediately upon completing the original hours if you wish. This is only CE and can be done online if desired; a “class” is not required, therefore no exam.

LLRBack in the day, you also had to:

3)    Take another course within a year of the first one, but only 30 hours. Then, upon successful completion of the course (and it was a course –exam and all), you had to take another  portion of the exam, which was separate, and it consisted of one and only one element:

4)    COMPLETE A HUD-1 Settlement Statement … This was the oHUD-1 Settlement Statementne everyone failed if they were going to fail the real estate exam. Personally, I don’t think they should have taken it off the exam, because I will bet you a dollar against a dog bone that better than 75% of real estate agents working today do not know how to read a HUD-1 accurately. And I also bet you that that is the reason why they took it off the exam – too many people failing it. Believe it…I know of a good many right off hand.


So once you completed your initial exam, your 1-year exam and your HUD-1, you were awarded your PERMANENT SALESMAN status. (Sorry girls…salesman it is! Haha)

And that’s how we did it back in the day in good ol’ South Carolina!

What about you guys? Any war stories?

Happy Monday Late Night!!!


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